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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mymy Mox

21 years ago, a beautiful baby enter the world
She’s so cute and makes the world shake and twirl
As she grown, she become one of the strong girl
Burly and charming, mixed together make her one of the bold
But yet deep inside she’s sweet and kiddo
Plays around and joking is her master also
Doesn’t really care about other’s think as she roll
She’s one tough cookie as far as I know

That’s you My Dear, and always be you and all
Mymy Mox is what you love to be call
And Mymy Mox is the one that make my heart fall
Nothing can compared to you, nothing even combined overall

8th September is special to me not others
Because it’s a date that day will be cherish forever
8th September is the date to remember,
It’s a date that forever brings me joy and laughter,
Because it is a date of your birthday
Day of a cheerful moment and I hope it stay that way
Your birthday means a lot to me even its doesn’t seem rational to,
Because the day you were born seem important so.

Noor Shamimi Sharudin Happy Birthday
Wrapped it all up, that’s all I got to say
Even though it’s MAY seem nothing, but still it’s a may
So again, from deep inside my loving heart, Happy Birthday.

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