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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

July 27, 2010

You Are Not Mine To Own ~My Lovely~

Your HEART is my home..
Warm,cozy and nice!!
It's the only place,
I LOVE to be in...
Morning,noon and night!!!

I LOVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥

Believe it or not, those words up above is not mine.yeah, its may seem like it, but no it isn't.i never aspect she one of the type of poet but she do can write , but the cliche' of that fact is that, poet characteristic she has is not mine to own. i guess i never will own her. well, even though thing had dissolve between us( i guess it is), i dunno why im still hurting. maybe the fact that i learn bout how she truly felt about me kills most of my dying so? her action speaks for herself. i should be mad at her but instead im sad. i should ripped her heart out to make it mine, but instead im mourning.hahaha. like i said before, i am that stupid. see that sweet lil bear above? her name is Barry. well, even as cosy as it seem when i hugged Barry tightly, but the reality is i never hold her, own her, feel her. why? because truly she never open her heart to me but her heart is not my to own, her hand is not mine to hold. its other dude lucky charm kicks mine back to down earth.been cheated ove AGAIN, how many time? sorry, i lost count. it hurts. i does but thats the pain i have to endure, thats the motherfucking facts i have to learn to accept. my heart is a soldier, yeah rite. fuck me!

p/s-Barry is no longer in my possession cuz i give it to her.

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