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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

July 23, 2010

This Is Our Story

a beautiful dove like you will keep on flying high,
until somehow magically you own the sky,
as for that reason i won't be a drag to hold you from your search,
because i'll be down here waiting for you on mother earth
an independent soul like yours will keep on living free,
until you finally colour your life with full of glee,
a colour of life which keep you fill and satisfy,
but still i will be right down here waiting to justify.

if there even a slightest thing in this world
that could ever slow your pace, girl
i'll kill it instantly so that your lust keep on fire
why? beacuse girl like you is full of passion and desire
i couldn't stop you i wouldn't want to
because your type of naturale is just a few
a rare girl like you i hard to find
thats why i'll keep waiting till you are mine

you are you whom become miss teen
you are you whom one day will be a queen
you are you whom never slow down
you are you whom alway own the town
you are you whom never give up
you are you whom never stop
you are you whom bend the curve
you are you whom i alway love

i am me whom alway here
i am me whom alway near
i am me whom gonna keep waiting
i am me whom gonna keep on fighting
i am me whom not gonna stop trying
i am me whom never gonna stop loving
i am me whom alway love you
i am me whom forever will still be in love with you

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