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June 29, 2010

The Future Is Still Mine

JD-Before You Leave, I Gotta Ask, Why Aren't You Getting That Test?

Patient -I Don't Know.I Still Might, In The Next Few Years..Or Days.But Right Now, If I Found Out That I Was Eventually Gonna Die From Something, Once You Learned That Information, U Can't Unlearn It.And This Why My Future Is Still Mine. It Can Be What Ever I Wanted It To Be. Is That Make Sense?

J.D- Yeah..

p/s-Scrubs Season 08 Episode 17 -My Finale

6 Spits On My Face:

Sharifah Aishah said...

"like =)"

aCe+ said...

series touch kot i dgq dialog ni. tu yg buh tu

Sharifah Aishah said...

tu la.. xsilap i ada tgk kot episod ni... menusuk

aCe+ said...

u tgk ek? besh dowh. i cuti sem ni dok tgk scrubs ja dr season one.haha

Sharifah Aishah said...

haha.. tp kan, i dont really like scrubs season br... daH tak de JD... =(

aCe+ said...

sha-aha. season 9 xbrapa nk besh sgt, ok2 ja la. season 9 da kena cancel. smpai episode 13 ja. J.D penyeri scrubs. xdak dia abih r

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