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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

May 16, 2010

No Man Is An Island But Im Different Though

When you cant contact or connected when someone you love cuz i love the communication device, was it your fault? damn technology. why? why we'll mushy2, lovey dovey only when we cant connected with each other through any tech method as such facebook, text messages n etc. why cant we love someone just the way they are without needs for attachment to each other with all the type of communication? does it really necessary? do we really need to report to our love one our where ebing 24/7? if yes, wow! thats suck! thats suck hard! i hate attachment. i hate when people tell me what to do. i hate when someone keep tailing me on everything that i'd done on very single day, nay every single minutes. i need breathing room, i need personal space.i need time of my own. thats one of the reason i really glad i los my phone. seriously, i never felt free like this. seriously i dont miss my phone. im freaking happy cuz i dun have a phone rite now cuz no one i mean no one can contact me whatsoever, and i like it. im free. i think i'll try not to buy a new phone in near time being.

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