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May 9, 2010

I Heart My Mom

wanna wish my mum, Zaridah Binti Ahmad a very lovely mothers day. u r the besh mom in the world that anyone will nevy for cuz i am ur son. thanx for all the wisdom n advice that u gave me to make me a better person, you r the prime mover of the obelisk in my heart that hardly change if anyone try to, but you r the only one who cna do it. i will never change myself if other told me so, only if you say so.cuz, u r my mother. no matter how much i struggle, i rebel, in the end i will alway follow any of ur words. sory, for all my misbehavior. sinc enow im already a young adult, i will try to be a better person just like u wish i will become someday. i will achieve that, slowly but steadily.only for u mummy.

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Anonymous said...

slmt hari ibu jgk!

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