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April 13, 2010

Nothing Left To Say

nothing left to say.
its just a memory now.
all the times we share, even though its too short, but still wont perished.
cuz deep inside i know.
we will never be the same.
all left with me, its just this picture.
to remembered all the gud times happened.
to recall that once i was happy.
to be reminded of the truth meaning of life.
to learned thats worng and whats rite.
the moment we were together were heaven on earth.
eventhough its on the call of the devil.
at least at that moment, we are ourself.
we connected on every level possible.
at least we try to discover, together.
but yet again, thats all in the past.
you took the path far away from mine.
and i choose to stay in wonderland.
i dont regret my decision.
its just another memory.
a sweet old memory that i cant never relive ever again,with anyone,ever.

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