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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

March 31, 2010

Sleep Well Lil' Princess

I am Brutal, You Are Well Behave.
I Am Crucial, You Are Brave.
I Am Mental, You Are A Gaze.
Too Diffrent? But Theres Are More of You Than Meet The Eyes.
A Better Outcome Popped Out From All The Lies.
Love And Lust, Something I Mostly Trust.
I Am A Trouble Maker, You Are Born To Be My Savior.
I Am A Seeker, But You STill Remain Main Maker.
Through Out It All, You Are Gonna Be My Attitude Adjuster.
Killing My Worst Personality, Bring Out The Sense Of This Irrationality.
Worth Of My Effort But Somehow Its Faulty.
Because In The End, Im Just Me.

You Keep Mentioning Her, And Now Im Stuck Purposely.
My Heart Pounding, Its Not Yours No More.
Blame Me But Its Just Another Pathetic Lore.
Because Now, Shes My "Future-Wife-To-Be"
Im Not Aiming For Another Failure, This Time Its Surely A Success.
How So, Because We Both Stay In The Filthy Mess.
Deep Inside, I Know Shes The Lil' Princess.
Sleep Well!

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