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March 22, 2010

Let The Answer Remain Unknown Cuz I Dun Wanna Know The Answer To My Own Question

confused. its just another term for ones soul that cannot determine the true feeling lies deep inside of him. to be honest, yes i admit im kinda confused rite now. on one side, i was left hanging. hanging without truth answer which i wanna know, but the person keep me left in the dark. the one whom i care treated me as such as a dumbass. full of lies, full of deceptions, full of unknown answer which i cant discover on my own. she make me this way, she make me look through the window search for the new wind to blow by.on the another side, one that make me happy, make me laugh, make me learn the new terms of love which i never know before. discovering new stuff may seems lame, but to me, by learning her more, the more i realise that life is full of possibilities an dthe only reason we didnt see it through is beacuse we limitise our self to one save choice. but still, no matter what i am left under collective agreement with the one whom left me hanging. yes, i commited to that one not the one that make me happy at the moment. yes,im the type of person that live for the moment but im also the type of person that live by my promise n i never wanna cheat like u used to be fool at. eventhough if i wanna be happy, i will clerify and break free n be avalaible first, then i ve happy. so awak, thats why i let the answer of my own question remain unknown even though i do wanna knwo the answer. but it will only make this complicated. like u said, "kita jadik special frens ja la, sng".. yup, its so much more easy.

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