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March 8, 2010

Hey You Mr. Secretary

when we talk about implying power as influential tools to get what we desires push toward the path that we want, most people argue n against it. mostly, people whom are not in the authority to do so. but when those people whom swear will never be that type of person if ever they have power stil make the same decision what do we call them? fucking asshole! poser! thats u dude! u r a poser. u r like not others. u are as the same as many dirty politicians who securing government tenders for their colonies. sorry dude, i used to respect u as a person, as a fren, as a leader, but no longer. u r one of the poser who i fuck for the rest of my life unles u make some repention which i consider equal for what u did. till then, you r not among a-lister who gain my respect..

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