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January 14, 2010

Thinking Of You

as part of my job, i need to take pics.a lot of pics.a lot of people.suddenly, out of nowhere. there she us with her besh buddy. sitting on a corner.i feel like i need to take her pic as require to my job. i snapped it. as i go back n tranferring all of the pic back to my lappy, i stop at her pic. why her? why now? why she need to be bax in my mind when im trying to forget her? please! get out of my mind. i need to stay away from u, but somehow fate doesnt let me. i kept on falling under the same ubrella wih u. u alway there around. please babe! stay away! i wish i could say that to u in person, but i dun hve the gut. i am a coward to ask u to stay away, maybe i wanna u to be close. close to me. plus, we had a deal, she have to treat me a dinner as part of the deal. i really want to do it. i'l be great though. but im with D now. T, please stay away! eventhough i dun wan u too.

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