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January 31, 2010

Meant For Me?

Kenapa saya asyik rindu awak???

Kadang2 kesian pulak tgk die...

Bole x kalau saya xnak rindu dia????

Xpyh nk bodo sgt laa..sbb kau pon same je...ckp org kunun!!! to the hand ^_^

Could i miss him?????

Owh my dior,i really miss him...^_^

Saya sayang anda;)..Anda bagaimana??

Waiting for the right person..Perlu ke nak tipu aku???? Benci kau..

Kinda miss that words from ur mouth...;)

is all this above about me? are you talking bout me? answer me please. i really need to know. cuz im kinda confused rite now. cuz u keep sending me fault signal.again n again.justify please!

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