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January 17, 2010

Fling & Distraction

why? why now? why when im already committed in a beautiful relationship suddenly out of blue all of u come knocking at my love door? yes, if you reading this its include you too AnAn. you, plus "T", n F. all three of you. when im free,single n uncommited to anyone, not even one of you even look at me, or take me seriously. i guess its rite what one of my dude say, women only inretest to a guy whom are unavailable huh? his words, not mine, im just phrasing. now, i'd confused a bit. seriously, it been emotionally chaotic inside my chest. im committed to D, but in the mean time, T,F n AnAn is flirting with me. dinner invatation? all three of u invite me though. i wanna to reject, but my heart say dun. i guess i am a player huh? well, i wont be suprising okay, cus a lot of people thought i am a player, maybe i should act like one. but i do love D. D is the one who interested in me, while all three of u look at me "sebelah mata". dun worry D, i'll figure out this emotional thingy inside my heart cus i noe, i'll alway ended up back to u. all three of them, its just a flings a distraction. i will be faithful.cuz i still remember what imah said to me "CINTAI ORANG YANG MENCINTAI KITA BUKAN KEJAR ORANG YANG KITA CINTAI".. i refuse to agree with imah before, cuz my rebuttal is that is only apply for girl, not guy. i guess now i am agreeing with imah.

p/s- i love u D!

2 Spits On My Face:

Fyruz said...

x sangka jiwang jgk kawan aku yg sorang ni..

aCe+ said...

rock2 aku pun ada inner side gak.

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