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January 21, 2009

A Thin Line v1

is there a different? is there a similarities? i noe its there..based on what i saw, based on my experience with people, there are a differs.still, some people didnt realzie it before..some do now..for me, loudmouth is kinda person who talk a lot, fucking a lot..its just like there no pause or stop in the vocabs.but, all the word coming out their mouth, most of it, r bullshits.nonesense.ussually this type of people, they have ahappy go lucky kinda characteristic, gedik2, kinda bitchy, kinda magnet attracting people to hate the.. what best come out of this people is there will be no arkward silence, at least on one side of the party.but, if is goe on too damn long, its kinda annoying, for some people.this, people, often been hated or loved..theres no middle party or neutral.obviously, we'll noe what type of people that gonna BFF these kind of people, n we definitely noe who disguise for me, i got no probs with loudmouth as long as they dun cross my line.
outspoken..conficent, no afraid of anything, soe not even death, words of wisdom, this is they type of things..usually a de-facto leader, commander in chief.(not pak lah of cos).people like CheDet.someone who is somebody in the society.for those who r not a leader, its only bcuz of the fact that they neglect it..they r man of intel n info..full of them, but choose not to share it unless they have to..silence is gold, the principles they alway choose to hold,talk only if needed..wasting time n hanging around , not their type of routine.some of them prefer being no one cuz of the pressure they have to deal with..ot maybe they noe ita a lost cause so why wasten it?
we are who we are.we are who we choose to be..we can be anyone, as long as we believe in urself..even loudmouth something useful, even outspoken sometimes is a what?life is is unpredictable..get use to it..

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