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December 4, 2009

She Kills The Old Me

waiting for the moment.

waiting for the perfect timing.
i hate waiting.
im the kinda guy with guts.
i follow my heart as it leads.
sometimes in the wrong path, but i perished any.
i do regret some wrong decision but i just lean.
but as for u.
is for different
i waited.
i search truly,deeply.
searching for the feeling.
make sure its the rite one.
feel the feeling.
i dunno why i be so damn careful.
maybe i dun wanna be reckless no more.
maybe i've grown up.
i dunno.
but one thing for sure,
for u i make a totally different move.
thats what make u special

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Syida Shu said...

who is this girl ? (:

aCe+ said...


enyheartsdiamond said...


aCe+ said...

secret! ok2, syida n eny. this is the gurl who have stolen my herat bit by bit.

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