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December 23, 2009

I Wanna Love You Right Now (Na Na Na Na)

shes a pretty gurl..
cute i should say..
too cute to melt my heart out..
crush it down to her love belt.
make me wanna change my status from single to its complicated.
an accident that intertwined us together.
a cute meet which unplanned.
i heard bout her a lot before.
but im to tight with "beliau" n i ignore all the suggestion made.
now, as i move on, put apart ms.beliau away for a while.
i was able to open up for others.
cuz i noe, ms.beliau is not mine to hold.
then, i meet her.
F**** is her name.
cute as the person herself.
i wanna mak it rite this time.
wish to god.
special thanx to emma n K.I to introduce her to me.
thanx guys!

p/s- i do had feeling toward her already. love at the first sight maybe. tetiba truih layan lagu akon tetiba- i wanna love you n right now (na na )

4 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...

KI is khairul imran?;)

F is farah?

aCe+ said...

eny- k.i is kak ila..

but, F shall remain nameless.
sorry babe.
later i'll tell u okay.
now not the rite time yet

Syida Shu said...

adam , tehee , u are in love ! tiba tiba rasa gembira pulak . hee :D

aCe+ said...

syida- thanx. yup, i nagku, i am in love.ewh.. jiwang siot!

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