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December 12, 2009

Call Me Girly, I Dont Give A Crap!

once, one of my buddy said to be the ultimate gold of dating a gurl is to get under her pant. which mean to have her crawling with you to the bed. let me rephrase that, it mean "fuck em' n leave em".. his words not mind. i stunned by that time hearing what he said, but i didnt argued. i guess at that time, i just dunno how to react to that sitaution cuz, let just say i kinda a nerd at that time. well here whats im gonna say if i could ever rewind that moment, having the exact same conversation, only differents is how i react n reply. what will i said? love is not about sex bro. esx in not love. well at least not all of it. love is about caring someone, caring so deep which you would willing to die for her. love is about missing someone, knowing that shes not around u make u uncomfortable n make u wanna fly high n reach for her no matter where she are. love is something physical matter. the hug, the showing of to the world with both of u holding hand while walking in the crowd, the smiling stupid trick of mengeliat(xtaw omputih panggil pa) n open out ur hand n put in on her shoulder n if u r lucky shes response n lean her head on ur shoulder while u watching a movie in the is also the simple touch of cheek of both of u. love is also the sweet kiss on the cheek. love is also the moment of arkward silence while both of you saying no words except having a staring contest together for a moment of god know is also the sweet damn first kiss that u r dying to have since u date her, n the moment of drum roll(the moment when before both of ur lips touches) n the excitement its cause. well thats sum up my thought of love. call me pussy, im just a lover.

4 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...

u r so true..u r a man :)

aCe+ said...

eny- thanks. notice x, ni first entry yg i tulih agak panjang since god know when. aite?

LurvelyLynn said...

woot, woot...

aCe+ said...

lurvelylyn- hye, welcome to my blog!

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