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October 29, 2009

Bak Kata Saf

life is like a drama
where i have to act as a different person in every situation
call me hypocrite or whatever, i dun mind..
only for people who knows me
will understand myself, the real me and who am i actually
i try to bring up myself as who i am exactly to every situation that i face thru
but i cudnt make it coz those people wont understand
im facing a hard situation of life and im chill dealing with it
i learn so much about life by observing people around me
what they did,how they react and when they are in emotions
that is how and what i've become now.

i dun trust love
i dun trust of "true frens"

COZ all i know
human breath becoz of the needs of themslves
i believe on every human are selfish
they want love so that they wont fill lonely
they want frens so they can chillin around
but i do believe in karma
im being realistic here and not idealistic
and soon yet after i found LOVE,
well not to say i dun believe in it anymore.
now i do realise, LOVE makes the whole world look colorful.

then you get something which u will never really expect!
and thats what my life is all about.

yeah im not perfect
im clumsy..
my hair doesnt stay in place
i spill alot of things
useless sometime
but this is me and and i always do have my flaws
accept me or just fuck off if u hate me

8 Spits On My Face:

not my story said...

babe, nape u post pasal i punya diri? muahaha..

Syida Shu said...

i dun trust love
i dun trust of "true frens"

later on , u kene belajar untuk trust these things ((;

aCe+ said...

saf- besh baca!

aCe+ said...

syida- its kinda truth

not my story said...

hahah.. wah.. besh baca yea?

btw i still with my stands saying that
i dun trust true frens babe
semua kawan pun mesti end up akan cakap belakang punya.. trust me on this!
but as for love,
like i sed once dah jupe then u know life will be colorful with the existence of love around u!

and baca lagi i state there

so i cakap benda base on what happen around us.

aCe+ said...

saf- is believe every words babe.

enyheartsdiamond said... is full of is more interesting den a drama;)

aCe+ said...

eny- sgt betul!

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