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October 12, 2009

Aku Mmg Suka Curik Tagged

1. Go to ur cell phone and look at your received calls list the first ten names if the name is repeated go to the next and list them below ;
3.Lil' Sis
5.Wani Dolphin
6.Din Kaka
8.Bob Top-Up

2. Is number 4 your best friend?
+mummy aku kot, more tha just beshfren+

3. Are you related to number 2?
+nope boy housemate aku, member aku, rapat sejak first day amsuk UiTM Kedah+

4. Do number 5 and 8 make a good couple?
+good kapel? hm... ble r kot. tapi sygnya dua2 dah ada awek ngn boy masing2.+

5. How old is 10's middle name..

6. Where did you meet 7?
+hm.. meet? to be honest first time meet elfira is during manifesto DiPAC time kami mula2 apply nk masuk bertanding utk exco DiPAC dulu.+

7. Say something nice about number 1
+cute,comey,manja maybe?+

8. Could you ever live with 3?
+yes n have eversince she was born cuz she's my lil sis+

9. Do 6 and 9 make a good couple?
+SAF NGN DIN??hahahahaha.. ble jaidk gud kapel but again, nanti ada org ngamuk pny. ahaks +

10. Have you ever dated 8?
+Bob Top-Up? cmon lah+

11. Would you ever date 5?
+wani dolphin? xpenah..+

13. Is 1 shy?
+Najaa? Rasanya x.+

14. Do you go to school with 2?
+boy? x.. dia Izzudin skolah agama aku Penang Free Skool, english skool+

15. Would you do anything for 10?
+Diba? yeah maybe.. tolong dia dowload gossip girl.+

16. Do you know a secret about 4?
+dude, its my mummy, of cos la..+

17. Do you trust 7 with anything?
+she seems reliable.+

18. Who is the best looking?
+i would say number 10-farahdiba.konpem diba kembang baca ni.+

19. Who is the loudest?
+number 9-SAF, without a doubt+

20. Who do you talk to the most?
+i talk to all the people, in teh list above or not in the list+

4 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...

mcm tawu je dr mana;)

nadhirah said...

ace..nak buat jugak tagged ni, boring la.

aCe+ said...

eny- ha3. besa la kan. ahaks

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel- watla, nnt i comment

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