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September 4, 2009

Dead Silence

"Dead Silence". a situation where we kept our mouth shut when each soul aspect us to be the one who voice out a lot. why some might ask? why choose to be the low tone while u shoudl be the spoken one. well my dear, not all word needs to be shared with everyone. soem of the thought should be just to our inner self so that it wont smoke the air while its already been poisoning everyone else. why add the pain, while be can be the cure of the disease? but as we look on teh other perspective, being the silence of the crowd may seem as cowardly act to some one else, aint it? but, who cares rite? like saf said, this is malaysia, a democratic country, we can choose to be anyone we one, as long as it in teh rite path, not crossing any boarder. from now on, i will tried to be the silence one. u know why, cuz all my life, i'd alway be the one who react on any situation n guess what, i'll make things worst then ever. so now, i will retreat, lay back, revise the situation before i make any move. i keep in the line there i wont be pissed n its good. wish me luck okay!

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