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July 6, 2009

A Plot Of The Beginning Of The End

Not Everything Turn Out As We Want It To Be..
I Learn That Fact, The Hard Way..
Plus, Like I Said..
Theres No Such Things As Free Lunch..
Its Not Works Only On Girls, Guys Too..
Payback Or Consequences Is Always Around The Corner..
Waiting For The Right Moment To Snap Back Rite At Ya..
Our Lil Sweet Perfect World..
Is So Freaking Fragile On The Inside..
Waiting To Crack On The Least Expected Moment..
As Our Perfect Comfort Zone Starting To Fall Apart..
We Tried To Look Back Searching For What We Thought Was Wrong..
As The Expedition Goes, We Realize, Everything Was Wrong At The First Place..
We Are Just Too Blind To See It, To Realize It..
We Choose To Postpone The Arkwardness & Unpleasantness..
Till The Time When We Thought Everything We Loved Starting To Fall Into Pieces..
Its Too Damn Late Already..
What We Can Do Now..
Is Just Watch & Let It Burn To Ashes..
Ashes That Have To Clean Up Cuz It Is Our Mess To Begin With..
"Turn Over A New Leap"
"Make A New Clean Cut"
The One Who Whispers This So Called Wisdoms Thought..
Are Not Really The One Who Experience It Themselves..
All They Do Is Talk & Smile..
When They Truely In The Situation..
They Ask Themselves..
"How Im Gonna Make This Right?"..
Theres Not Shortcut In This Life Quest My Dear..
The Only Option Left..
Is The Long Path Of Uncertainty..
It Will Hurt..
Time Wont Heal It This Time..
Time Will Only Be The Component Of Evolution Of Pain..
A Pain That We Had To Suffer..
A Pain Of Lesson..
A Pain Of Mistakes..
A Pain Of Taking Things For Granted & Easy..
We Will Make It Out Okay..
But Apart Of Ourselves..
Left On The Journey..
We Will Make It Out Just Fine..
But We Wont Make It Out The Same..


2 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...

bebelan tntg apa ni?

aCe+ said...

eny-ha3.. bebelan ttg kehidupan yg penuh ngn kepalatan.ahaks

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