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July 28, 2009

The Pinky Incident

On coldy evening, aiseh ayat starting nak cam cibai ja.. well, on my way out this evening just now, one funny incident had happened. nothing special, just plain ol funny n make me wonder. around 6 oclock just now, i happen to be outside of my house, walking with no confirmed destination. it was cold, really cold cuz of the rain. tahnx god! penang need a lot of rain. as i past by Fasha Sadha's house, on my phoe checking my texts, eccidentally i bumped on a girl. first, i wanna say sorry to her whatever her name is.after the bum, she dropped her phone. good for me cuz my phone is tightly lock in my palm, to bad for her, her's dropped. aint that hard but shes pretty piss. let me described her. she in average height, shorter than me, wearing a simple pink t-shirt matching with her flip flop(series aku xtaw pun kasut dia pakia tu flip flop ke flap flap ke, aku bkn pandai sgt ngn kasut2 pompuan ni). plsu, shes wearing a cute pair of hairclips, gues what color? of cos pink.well, the funny thing is im wearing my pinky-burfday-present-from-my-mum watch with my COLOURFUL graphic t-shirt with a writing in pink. yeah, what a coincidence aint it.. as she was pissing n about to let the "babi la weh" or even "pungkok r" words out of her mouth but as she head up n face me eye-2-eye, she smile. with a lil giggling she said, "pinky" n smile again. i replied "mana ada pinky baju ni kaler itam kot". "abih tulisan kat baju tuh kaler pink kan, lagi jam pun kaler pink, tambah flip flop pompuan yg u pakai tu pun pink gak".. in my head "hekeleh minah ni, bajet plak nak ckp i u i u ngn aku".. but, i cnat blame her. i was kinda pinky. plus, i wore my mum pinky flip flop. in my head again "padan muka ang adam, gatai lagi nk tibai pakai sliper mummy, kan dah kena gelak".. im pretty sure that she thought im gay or even bapok or pondan. but, its me okay. i never back down from any argument. i replied back, "normal r laki pakai pink skarang ni, dunia dah maju, zaman dah brubah. xsemestinya kalau pakai pink pondan".. "sapa kata u pondan?", she replied. bam! stupid move adam. wrong argument.. at last i simply relpied back "whatever!" as i was bout to took off, "relax r.. xpa, u nampak cute pakai pink".. i just took off then, with a blush in my face.. ni kalau saf ada dlm incident ni konpem dia akan wat "ALALALALALALA". hahaha! what a day huh.sweet life of aCe+

6 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...

hye pinky;)

aCe+ said...

eny-thanx a lot babe! ahaks.

Anonymous said...

pink is the colour of the new generation. haha~!

aCe+ said...

fatin syafira- totally. pink is the new black..

aNa said...

pink is the new black
but err .. still not for me kot
tak rawk laa pkai pink
pinky boy
hahaha ;pp

aCe+ said...

ana- well agi gurl mungkin pink dah outdated tapi bg guys is a new colour. plus, i dun thing u ni jenis type of girl yg pakai pink.ahaks. pinky boy, peh! kena chop la pasni.

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