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June 5, 2009

The End Justify The Mean

should be even practice it? cmon, yes i noe some people do believe in phrase like, desperate measure for desperate time but what if its end up hurting someone that we care about? do we keep doing just to succeed what we thought to be the glory of achievement. morality will alway come between the action taken n the consequences upon. mostly, we only gift slight thought on how things should turn up, not the cause to make it turn out to be. maybe we just slipped sightseeing things by proceeding with the mean action to justify the end of the solution but others take it not for granted. it may hurt a lot to some others not to us. yes, most of us alway keep in our mind bout winning without giving a careful thought bout the way to win. some just take the simplest way to grant what the wish, in the end, will is be worth of all the sacrifices? all the hurts, the breakdown, the backstabbing or even killing? well, action is louder than words. walking the talks will be impossible even for me cuz im no perfect, no even close. i do make mistakes n sometimes i choose to run the mean to achieve the ending that i want but i do regret everything but its to late. what done is done. i can undo anything though. im just plain, not God. what i can do is only repent n begging for forgiveness, evnthough i hardly get one, eventhough the chances is thin, i will keep on trying. but its only the matter of time when i'll lose faith in doing good deeds.

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