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May 24, 2009

I Am The Next Jim Halpert

have u guys ever watch a tv series call The Office. the US version not UK.well, im kinda like addicted to this tv series though. another reason is cuz most of my favourite TV series is ending. Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural even Gossip Girl had its season finale few days ago. so, i search for a new tv series to watch that i recalled this series. its have 5 season already i i had watch all 5 season in just a week. technology huh? well, thanx to Ares. well, the whole the office thing kinda make me think. u noe, i take my diploma in public admin, n im not sure yet what to take if i choose to continue on my degree so basically i'll end up just like any the office characters. i'll be living the corporate life n i will dress as such as pic above, every single work day. can u imagine it though? me in formal attire? cmon man!! i dun suited it well! i dun think i can handle it.yeah yeah, some might ask, then why in the blue hell u tae DPA for, i seriesly dunno why. i just follow my mums advice. its not that she is pushing me to be a govt servant, cuz she pangkah PKR la weh.ahaks.but, yet again the question remain. will i be the same as my favorite character in the office, jim halpert. will, i be coming in at 9, sitting on my desl, wearing my shirts n black shoe whatever, doing some paperwork n then punching out punching out at 5? wooo!!! seriesly i dun want that as my career man. i want an adventure career. well though, i can even predict the future so i just gonna put a pause button in this thought, i'll let future Adam handle it. hahaha.
p/s- if its truely happeing, i'll definitely gonna be involve in office romance.

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Dearie Pearls said...

Smart guy!

aCe+ said...

smart? ahaks. thanx

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