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March 16, 2009

The Truth Can Hurt, But Its Sometimes Worth It

Kalau tahu air yg tenang ada buaya sapa suruh dayung pergilah ke tepian,
kalau takut utk bernafas janganlah hidup,
kalau takut untuk hidup jangan makan ikan yg bertulang,
memancing ikan haruan berbeda dengan memancing ikan layar,
air yang tenang jangan sangka tiada abu rokok,
kata2 semangat yg diucapkan oleh member2 aku secara spontan.suma kena ngn situasi aku sekarang.

if waits what it takes, then wait it is,
if trust what it needs, then trust ill create it for u,
if nothing bout me that no need to change, then i'll just me myself,
if here without you is the situation rite now, then being alone is where i belong,
if understanding u is the only way, then i wanna know everything about you,
if the truth of knowing that u'll not be in arm is what it is, then im willing to be hurt
if being frens is worth it, i'll be ur besh buddy
if being loyal n trustworthy seems impossible, i try my best to change
if i cant be with u is the fact i have to accept, then

2 Spits On My Face:

Shin Ju said...

Alahai kamo..ayt kepasrahan di situ..igt, d successful not by luck, but it by law..brg spe yg brusaha..pasti kan berjaya..hahaha..tb2 mlm yg indah nie, aku jd motivator lak..

aCe+ said...

LadyEffa- thanx for the advice.mmg agak trust bunyik ayat tu tp i wont give up.

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