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March 4, 2009

Hakim's Story

Sweet life of relation will always be ended by beuatiful letdown of breaking up.well, thats takes a lot more than it give.wth rite? better of single.simple, chill, relax n less emotional my bro hakim, take it easy ok.dun worry, u'll fine someone not chosing any side here, it just take i pity hakim.i noe him for almost a year n half now, its sad to see him heartbroken like that.hes a really tough guy, apperancely, but somehow in love matters he'd let hus guts down, its gud in relation to do that, but apparently its a wrong move.dun worry br, im here for u.anything that i can help.dun worry

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ndrh edzn said...

i love da word senget..

hannah joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hannah joe said...

dah baca hakims story..
be strong akim.

Unknown said...

tell hakim let go the past..
live ur life..its hard to live with heart broken lol but dats life!~


faradiba anuar said...

aku tergamam.
lepas dapat tahu.

aku harap dua dua akan jumpa orang yang lebih baik.

after all kita masih muda,
perjalanan jauh lagi.

and adam i think u n saf were right in one thing;
kadang kadang single itu lebih baik.


aCe+ said...

senget- u mmg senget.ahaks! in a cute way..

aCe+ said...

hannah joe- i dun think its gonna be easy for him, but time will heal.he'll get over it, in sort of way, i matter what, we'll be here for him.

aCe+ said...

suria- ur hard,love life is much harder

aCe+ said...

fara_D- 2r.thats why we'll both choose to be single.its better to have a really gud frens that will alway help us get over hard life, then a girl/boy that only gonna bring us misery.

are_kim said...

thanks bro... Luv u bro.. U relly my fren bro... Im totally down just for a gurl.. u help me a lot.. Btw, i got prob with bdk laki bertudung nw.. She's just as bitch as u thinking.. Mybe i need to teach her a lesson tht she wont 4get entire life...

aCe+ said...

hakim- dun bro, its stupid.just let it go.shes just acting out cuz shes stupid.u dun have to he ur maturity

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