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March 25, 2009

Special Post For Anonymous Who Commented

Anonymous Said-
"serius ke u nk my frien???
i kwn ur angel..
she d one that hard 2 get n i x rasa u serius..
jgn mainkn perasaan dia coz i xnk dia tluka!!!!but post u 2 romantc ar.."

first thing first, aku actualy nk balas comment dia kat post tu tp aku rasa lebih baek aku wat entry utk response kat comment dia.firstly, thanx for commenting. by counter rebut, dun judge a book juts by its cover n dun make a judgement call on someone just based on their appearance or how they brought theirself to life.i noe, believe me when i said this i get this all the time.ramai bukan u sorang yg yang kata aku ni jenis yg xserius.ya aku mengaku, dlm life mmg kdg2 i;ll just take things for granted, but that doesnt mean im a douche or somebody with no vision in life. in relation corcern, aku kalau bab hati dan prasaan @ love aku amat series n xmaen2.mmg, suma org berpendapat mcm u anonymous.even "angel.." sendri awai2 dia terkejut bila aku confess dekat dia n i noe dia masih xpecaya sampai cool with it though cuz thats just a consequences i had to pay for being myself.tapi one thing for sure, my feeling towards
"angel.." is real. i really like her. n i will try my besh to win her heart.what ever it takes.i paham.sebagai sornag kwn kdg2 kita jdk protective n thats what u r trying to do, ill do the same, tny saf kalau x caya.i protect dia n i wont let any douchebag hurt her feeling.i respect u anonymous cuz u r being a really gud frens to "angel..".but trust me, i wont n never gonna hurt her feeling.i rather let myself, my own fragile heart hurt, better then let her's. ya aku tahu, agak susah nk percayakan aku tapi at least let me try to prove myself first, then make ur judgement call.a simple chance, thats all im asking for."angel.." sendri ckp dia nk take thing slow, jadik "kawan" dulu so i respect that.aku pun xsuka n rush, we'll take it slow then n im fine with it, im willing to wait, cuz i noe shes worth, please guide me through. anonymous, maybe u rasa yg i xserius sbb ada terbaca dlm komen yg dok ckp pasai betting secret recipe tu? ok2.meh aku explain pasai secret recipe tu.i ngn saf penah wat deal, time kami gila2 kena gossip berdua (thanx to gossip whisperer's club).. kami ada wat deal, di mana kalau i atau saf kapel dulu kami kena blanja sorang lagi secret ni dibuat lama dah sblom "angel.." stop by in my heart.thats what its all about.2 ja i nk ckp.thanx again for ur comment n concern, really appreciated it though, seriesly.. "angel.." is soo lucky to have a fren like u.sent my regard to "angel.."

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