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February 19, 2009

Quit Ur Smoking!!

when i get up dis morning, i felt a lil dizzy, seriously.its not that i had a bad hangover or whatsnot.maybe its bcuz i slept too much last usually i woke up n light up my ciggs.afterward, the dizzyness get worst, still i puffed it in.ya fuck me!! teh rest of the day fly by as thing that bother me a lot bout this morning is that i cant get it out of my head, the fthought bout quit frens said that it just cuz im bout to be broke in few penny more, and i'll be bax in the game next month whne i FAMA bank in my blood it? maybe itruely wanna quit..i mena cmon, i burning my healthier possiblity future, im burning my saving bila-aku-dah-tua future n all other thing.maybe its just another morning crazy feeling n thought taht will always fade away the next time i close my eye for a nap, n turn on a new feeling n thought.the smae thing happened last few day when i try to be nice to imah just bcuz she appeared in my dream, DAMN!! well to be honest, im still trying to be noce to imah, but my heart wanna tease her so bad.MUNCUNG SIOT MINAH TU!!!ha3.whatever.i'll update on my newlycrown mission of quit smoking.bare in mind, i tell ur now..its not gonna last long, trust me..i know myself..peace out!!

6 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

DiLarang Merokok..

aCe+ said...

rekha- hahaha..okeh2.

DPA Dec 2007-Dec2010 said...

gudlux la weh

aCe+ said...

sapa ni? ish2.ada gak budak2 clas aku yg baca blog aku slaen saf ek..he3

fara aqma ghani said...

weh,jgnla cepat mengalah...
say no to rokok!

aCe+ said...

Fara Aqma-thanx.ill try my besh

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