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January 2, 2009

If We All Are Going To Hell, Might As Well Enjoy The Ride

who are we kidding? bluffing around.. believingg on sumthing that surely is just another illusion of tricky mind that contruct ourself to this massive mess.trying to fix the world that clearly can be save, destruction created by the people who sworn gonna save them from extinction.and still, as brilliant creation as we are that we'll alway claim to be, still dumb enough to believe in every damn word they throw out of their ass-licking mouth.sometimes, is confused me, whos dumber? we or them? maybe us cuz at least their r doing sumthing bout anything not like just, just nogging our head n swallow everything.till when this drama gonna keep winning oscar? till when this blockbuster movie gonna steal the magic hour? some of us, realize whats going on but, money blinds them.ya, the new religion for what people believe in nowadays, trustee, will-to-die-for possessive items..of cos, money make the world go round.but we didnt realize that is been sinning our world faster then before.nothing more that we can do to late already..we r all going to hell.hell on just been picture perfect so that no one freak out n start praying n believe.well for some that already realizing, its a lost cause.we lost it..everything..well, but thats doesnt mean we should give up.if we all are goin to hell, might as well enjoy the ride

4 Spits On My Face:

blitzizni said...

dun 4get to buckle up.

aCe+ said... way ticket to hell

Holly said...

hey, thanks for the comments and the link. your blog looks interesting. i'll be coming back!

happy new year!

aCe+ said...

hollylyn..welcome to my blog..happy new year.. and i'll be visiting your blog too.

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