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January 14, 2009

Beautif00l Betrayal

if someone ask me, what is it feel like when u been betrayed?
its kinda hard for me to answer.not because i dunno how its feel, it is because i dunno how to put it in word.its inaffable.unexplained.some might say its feel like i just been kicked by horse straight to ur chest.or maybe a rambo knife been stabbed rite to ur heart.but dun be suprise if someone answer its feel like im the king of the world, cuz i noe one who love to be betrayed, esspecially in relation.he said, it gud cuz now he had an opening to betray bax,rite to her face.ignore that..we,human being, who have heart shouldnt be that cold.we should be ripped out if been betrayed..its not good, its negative but its an experience that we have to face.cuz when we felt the pain, so we'll learn not to put other people in the same shoe.well, i noe, most of us want other people to suffer as much as we did, but it is wrong.
betrayal sometime can turn people around.its a disease with no cure.a full throttle pain in the ass that just wont go, who in the world want to be betrayed? most of us want a cool,soft,warm relation that gonna cherish ur life every single day, every moment..but, life isnt sweet..sourly n slowly, ur happiness that we thought gonna last, vanish in ashes of how we gonna survive this kinda brutality? both party is affected..guys n girls.some might say, guys dun suffer as much as girls..that is completely wrong..guys do just that on the surface is look like we all okay,but deep inside, its killing us.mostly the pain left a scar that permenantly effected ur personality..that, is just the fact.
p/s-i really like to see the happiness on Hakim's face..i just realize that during ur sport day meeting..behind those fierce kinda look, theres happiness n pleasure in his shown..he really love saidah..some might say its silly for him to stand right beside her all the time, just like a bodyguard, but i thought differently.thats is some of the way for him to express his love towards her..Bro, go for it,tiger.u deserve her.u guys are a perfect match..keep it that way..

4 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

tak sengaja ter'tag' aCe+..
jemput datang kat blog LOL.. hehe

aCe+ said...

ter"tag"? mcm berniat nk tag jew..hahaha..ok2 nnt i wat ok

nadhirah said...

i felt nothing. hoho

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel- wow! u amzaed me!

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