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November 7, 2008

my kind of music..

ealier today, when ijat stop by n he was looking into my music folder n we were talking bout the stuff inside Joe external n he kinda critics my music isnt hard enough to compare to joe's.. well, its keep me thinking all nite.. is it? no offense to joe, but i have to agree his music type its hard, too metal, some of the band that he layan, i dun even noe, some i do noe n i just not into that..

so, the question remains, is my music type isnt hard enough?

well first i had to say i love music n all the genre, but mostly into rock,less RnB n FUCK indon's..

to be honest, i just like all the type of take a lok at my top 10 fav band..its all mixed up.. theres nu metal (linkin park). pop punk/alternative metal/hiphop rock-Sum 41.. theres My Chemical Romance (to be honest i dunno how to genre-lize MCR), Billy talent (canadian Juno award approved punk rock band), avenged sevenfold (thanks to Boy, im addicted to this band alredy), Nickelback-slowrock,radio friendly roCk, Greenday-otai punk rock, good charlotte- teenage post-punk turns mainstream pop punk roCk (i still love ur music,though), Blink 182 (i noe they slipt up n the reborn of +44 n Angels And Airwaves, still i love both of the new band) n last but not least Bullets For My Valentines- pure new era or heavy metal (Scream Aim Fire is their best album)

so its my type of music isnt hard enough? well from my own top 10 fav band i can see there's a lot of punk rock band but still Linkin park is my number one in the list n Nu-Metal rules the list (eventhough LP latest album kinda different from previous 2 but still its a good album).. so, what im trying to say is, im into metal stuff too. Soilwork,Atreyu, Chimaira, The Black Dahlia Murder, As i lay Dying, Tomahawk Breaking Benjamin- can they be considered as metal band, i dunno.. Metallica, SOAD-god!!! i love systems.. u see, i kinda into metal music too but not too into like Joe.. so i can say dat, my music stuff is kinda universal.. all stuff invovle.but, i have to give credit to punk rock because its really got into me.. maybe i just kinda attach to punk ideologies.. seriously, dats why i dun mine kena saman ngn pak guard n naek court for my mohawk hairstyles in Uitm.. yes, i did dats.. but later on that issue.. btw, here is the pic.. my mohawk hairstyles.. i love it to death.. dun woory, it gonna come back this semester break or should i say in 2 more weeks? hehehe..

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Anonymous said...

rambut u ?
sumpah salute.ahaha

aCe+ said...

thanks.. sebab tuh i xkesah pun kena saman sebab its all worth it...

blitzizni said...

eyh naek court nnt kna pe ea kes rmbut neh?
aku ponx kna gak tp pasal color rmbut.
kna byar pe2 x?
*we'r in e same uitm act

& 1 more thing,
"so, the question remains, is my music type isnt hard enough?"
for ts ques,
no. it is not hard enuf.

aCe+ said...

to blitzizni-here is how uitm court session goes

1- nama dipanggil
2-masuk court room dimana terdapat 3 hakin yg akan menentukan nasib kita
4- angkat sumpah
5-pertuduhan dibaca..ditanya samada mengaku bersalah @ x..
6-bila pengakuan dibuat byk soalan ditanyakan yg bajet akn menginsafkan kita spy x ulang lg kesalahan(ya rite..)
7-tertuduh diminta kluaq agar para hakim dpt membuat keputusan..
8-tertuduh dipggl kembali.
9-"tertuduh confirm akan didapati bersalah dan denda di bacakan"

dlm kes aku kes rambut kena denda rm20..hahaha

btw, not hard enough??


well i guess so..

blitzizni said...

uh hell thanx!
tp aku da 2 kot..
1 kantoi rkok ngn kes rmbut..
hee phux guard..
ahaha na u dun av 2 b any bnd num 1 fans..
juz keep it up..

blitzizni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aCe+ said...

blitzizni- u kantoi rokok? gila cool gurl yg kantoi.. i dah isap 2 sem kt cini pun xkantoi lg..peh.. nway, kalu rokok kena denda rm100

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