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December 10, 2008

The Brightest Stars Falls First..

once, when i heard bout it, i dun believe it (well to be honest the first time i heard it is in one of gossip girl season 1 episode) it true? i asked before..why should the brightest star falls first? shouldn't it stay lighten up in the sky? well, what can i say here is the only reason brightest star gonna fall isnt because of itself..jealousy n envy burn it to all the stars in the sky, do shine..just make sure that u dun burn urself up..or other stars or the falling star burns u down

4 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

cam faham tapi bling bling..
aku syok jer kat ayat2 manis u.. hehe..
aku nak ngaku brightest star leh?

aCe+ said...

ble..tapi hati2 sbb cam yg i post, brightest stars falls first..he3

nadhirah said...

People pay a lot of money for brand names and reputations. In the process, they often overlook alternatives that are actually of a higher quality. Think of the full moon as a spotlight. Each month it shines on a different area of the great stage of your life. Be like a candle, that lighten up itself for others benefit.

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel-ya dats rite but its all just for others..what bout urslelf..sumtimes its better be self-centered rather then being sumbody else problem solver

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