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November 18, 2008

Something Differences..

i dunno why..
i just felt differents.. its not dat kinda "miss UiTM Kedah" differents but i dunno..
its about her.. well, i just get back to penang yesterday(well technical dis morning bcuz kami g round penang dulu sampai pukui 6 pagi).. after dat, i just went to my bed n try to sleep but suddenly i miss her.. i dunno why.. yes its been a while since we meet eyes to eyes(last time is the third raya on my open house).. well kind weird huh? what kinda of boyfrem am i? well dun just blame me.. im busy wif my final ok (busy maen game k blajaq? ang ja la yg taw adam oii.), i didnt text her for 3 weeks.. AGAIN, dun blame me.. my cellphone busted out ok..


well, again is it my fault? maybe dats the reason my i fell different when i went to see her this evening.. i dunno whats wrong but sumhings isnt rite..i didnt feel da love..myb its just tempopary bcuz i havent seen her for ages(nk gempak jew pkataan).. or maybe because what happen at the last dinner in kedah? i dunno..

rite now, at this moment, i really really really dunno whats my feeling towards her.. fell, usually she will text me "luv u muah2" in every texting moment.. but, today not even one..


but still she gave me the kiss on the cheek but its still felt difference..
this is all hakim's fault.. why? why, dude, why? why u had to mention her when u noe dat im not single anymore?

maybe im hakim's rite..maybe im still cant get over Lyn.. maybe shes still in my heart.. maybe Nabilah-my gurlfren is just a rebound Gurl dat i need to get over Lyn..i really dunno..

i dun wanna break her heart again..please.. this is the second time its happen to me okay..

the last time kuddus is the one had tried to refresh my memory about Lyn n i happened to be in the same situation as now..torn apart between two.. maybe im still cant get over Lyn..

What Should I Do?

i dun wanna break Nabilah's heart, i cant face another failure, another heart-break if i keep trying to win Lyn's heart this time..

maybe i should just stay with nabilah..maybe i shouldnt try to win Lyn's heart again..enough is engough adam.. she is ur past, SHE is the present..

well, i'll try my best..maybe i should refresh my mind on how i survived the first breakdown when kuddus i should rejoice my mind on how she gave me THE FIRST SIMPLE KISS..

well i think i should re-entry the poem that i create insipered by THE FIRST SIMPLE KISS she gave to me just to remind me how deeply shes in luv wif me n i should luv her back....


When Time Had Its Grudge On our trail love
When distances keep us apart and make it tough
When break up just an inch away to approach in
When the “The First Love” fired up in a form of girl name Lyn
We are so close, no too damn close to be separated
I won’t denied it, I’m the one that didn’t put the effort
The distances, it just an excuse that I wanna make
But the love for u just won’t fade

Thanks to you who always believe in me
Never stop fighting, never stop saying that you love me
The one that make me realize and see thing clearly
The one that holds my heart where it should be

A simple kiss it’s not what I really seek
A simple kiss that you gave on my cheek
A simple kiss that change it all
A simple kiss turn my ego down and make it small
A simple kiss restore, rejoice renew my feeling
A simple kiss ripped out the knife of love killing
A simple kiss that make me quit playing
A simple kiss that make me start loving..
The one and only
~My Shiteru~

9 Spits On My Face:

blitzizni said...

lol.. tke time la weyh.. i didnt tex her 4 quite smtme then mt up wit her.. if u cant lov her let her go.. but if u wanna giv a shot 2 both of u, plz do e besh..

blitzizni said...

eyh sowy.. u didnt tex her

aCe+ said...

well, i'll try the best i can..but the probs is my frens they always trying to fix me back wif Lyn..i noe i should say "mampus p r kat aku nk kapel ngn sapa pun" sumtimes it gets into my head.. well, Lyn is my First Love Sight in uitm kedah but my gurlfren rite now is in penang.kinda long distance relation la

Aimi said...

Wahai abangku adam, i think u r still in confusion...

my advice to u is gf or 'love' mesti sorang, kalo scandal tuh, hehe, pike2 la sendiri...

hepi holiday!

aCe+ said...

well aimi, its not a scandal.. its bout my feeling.. n yes im still confused bout the choice dat i wanna make..but, i made my choice..the choice that i SHOULD made.i choose nabilah aka ~My Shiteru~ over Lyn..dat it.. final decision..

hannah joe said...

payahh tu dik.
tp klau 3weeks x text..
and xjmpe..
patot nye jd rindu tau.
kinda weird kamu.
sbb ati kamu still kat lyn.
mmg payah ler..
tp..sume kptsn kat tgn kamu.
and i always support u dear~!

aCe+ said...

well akak..i made my mind.. and i stay wif!!!thanx nway 4 ur support

hannah joe said...

smoga kekal.
xnak kata slama-lamanya..
selama-lama nya..xleh pakai..
selama-lamanya maybe can be 1day..
hope till the end of life.

aCe+ said...

ok akak..i'll try my besh..promise!!!

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