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September 29, 2008

a "Kiss Me" Gurl

well, slaamat arie raya to all of u.. well td kn dah umum rabu nih rabu so ucap awai2 r sg kn..

look at the title.. "a "Kiss Me" gurl ".. why dats? is actually a funny story, its not dat much but i just can get it out of my head.. i dunno why.. do i like her? maybe its the way she approach me make me twirl? i dunno.. okay2, here's da story...

i just happen a few hour ago.. around 6.15 soft as usually my fasting month duty, pi pasar ramadan beli kuih utk berbuka.. its alredy been a routine for me every year.. the bazaar is just nearby, behind my house.. a few steps only, but i have to wear a sweater n umbrella( God!!! i hate it) bcuz its kinda raining lightly.. so i went there, quite surprised bcuz there nothing much.. half of the stall there r close.. it is bcuz of the rain, or bcuz posa dah dkat nk abih/ hm.. im not really sure.. who cares?!!!! none of my business.. aku tawaf satu bazaar cari pa yg family aku oder, makpak aku nk mee kuah, adik aku nk taufoofa kak aku nk popia.. cian kay depa suma xdak kecuali popia , place where i meet "kiss me" gurl.. hehehe.. first n foremost, she actually study in my previous high school SMK tun hussein Onn, i think she in form wat actually happen there? hmm..

"Kiss me" gurl- nak apa?
me- hm.... bg popia dua..
"kiss me" gurl-(wrapping it up)... lagi?
me- hm.. bengkang dua ngn seri muka dua..
"kiss me " gurl- ok.. tu ja?
me- yup(giving her a RM50 note)
"kiss me" gurl- xdak duit kecik ka?
me-sorry r, xdak r..
"kiss me" gurl-(after 2 minutes).. nah duit belen..
me-thanx.. "kiss me" hah? (pointing at her t-shirt)
"kiss me" gurl-hehehehehe...
me- nak kiss ker?
"kiss me" gurl-xpayah la(gelak sambil tersipu2 malu)

i just turn my back on her n walked....

well it did not end just like dat.. 10 minutes after dat, after i bought murtabak, i passed by in front of her stall again, and guess wat? i looked straight at me... u noe wat i do?

"change my umbrella to my left hand, blow her a flying kiss wif my right hand n then i smile"

she smile back...

and i left..

just like dat..

pretty stupid hah?

wat do you think?

i dunno which one is the best part is but i really dun noe why i cant forget about that incident.. hmm.. i want to noe how she will react tomorrow bcuz i surely gonna go to her stall again tomorrow. my the real question is, what will i do? remember tomorroe is the last day of puasa n she will not be at the bazaar anymore 2morrow.. its my last shot.. who noe??

2 Spits On My Face:

faradiba anuar said...

wey bro!
geli aku lah ko tulih mcmni!
its so not you!

aCe+ said...

so what?
its just who i am..
lgpn aku wat blog nih pun sebab nk tulih benda2 yg aku xmampu nk ucapkan ngn lidah so aku tulih r kt cni..just deal wif it ok

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